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West Texas Trail Walkers



Maps and Data

Maps and Data for past walks

The following links are for maps (pdf) and trails (gpx). They are posted for the convenience of walkers who are interested in them.

Maps and data related to Ruidoso/Lincoln National Forest 2024

Fri 11 Oct: Cedar Creek 5k Map GPX  10k Map GPX  Sat 12 Oct: Jerryatrics 8k Map GPX 11K Map GPX 18k Map GPX  

Sun 13 Oct: Sawmill Trail 6k Map GPX  10k Map GPX

Maps and data related to Palo Duro walks in 2023

Fri 06 Oct: Lower Canyon Map and GPX  Upper canyon Map and GPX  Sat 07 Oct: Lighthouse 6k Map GPX 10K Map GPX 14k Map GPX 17k Map GPX  Sun 08 Oct: CCC Trail Map  5k GPX  7k GPX

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