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West Texas Trail Walkers


FRIDAY— 5/10km
Wildcat Bluff Nature Center, Amarillo

First time back since 2002. More than 600 acres of rolling grasslands are threaded with nature trails offering a sense of isolation and tranquility. Discover delicate wildflowers and native grasses and pass by huge cottonwoods and a magnificent bluff. Named by early cowboys for a den of wildcats that lived under the bluff, it is also the site of a branch of the historic Gregg-Marcy Wagon Trail from Santa Fe to Fort Smith where wagon ruts are still visible today.

Comanche Trail,
Palo Duro Canyon St Park


This walk will combine THREE NEW trails that offer broad, sweeping views of the canyon. The Comanche Trail heads uphill to the 6km turnaround offering a shady rest stop with a natural spring. The 10 & 20km continues to the Rock Garden Trail. 20km climbs to the Rylander Fortress Cliff Trail on the canyon rim with stunning views of the canyon below. 10 & 20km both return on the Rock Garden Trail through a field of gigantic boulders. An easier 5km will also be available along the river.

October 6-8, 2023


Palo Duro Canyon has been named "The Grand Canyon of Texas" both for its size and for its dramatic geological features, including the multicolored layers of rock and steep mesa walls similar to those in the Grand Canyon.


Legend has it, the flared rock formations were given the name "Spanish Skirts" by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado's homesick men missing the women they had left back home in Spain.

Lighthouse Trail,
Palo Duro Canyon St Park


The Lighthouse is the geological signature of Palo Duro Canyon State Park and is the most popular hike within the park. The 5km turnaround offers a stunning viewpoint, while the 10km turnarund ends at a park bench at the end of the trail. Here you have the option of "climbing" to the base of the formation or turning back. The climb is a steep boulder-scramble over slick and loose rock that can be pretty difficult. Please use extra caution on this portion of the trail.

Annual Meeting/Banquet
Saturday 10/10 @ 7:00 PM
West Texas A&M University 
Alumni Banquet Facility


This year we dine in a large, fancy ballroom. Menu is " A Taste of Italy" featuring two pastas, two sauces, two meats, salad and key lime pie. Items served separately to accommodate vegetarians. BYOB.

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